About Us

Our goal is to make the finest, broadest selection of olive oil and vinegar in the world accessible to the serious consumers at prices that are both reasonable and affordable.


Veronica Foods Company is founded in New York City by Italian immigrant Salvatore Esposito. The Delizia olive oil brand is transferred from Naples, Italy and registered in the United States in the same year.

The Esposito family, which has grown to include four sons and two daughters, moves west to Oakland, California, with hopes of building the first olive oil mill in the United States. Their plans are put on indefinite hold when three of the four Esposito sons join the military at the beginning of WWII.


Under the capable hands of Salvatore’s eldest son, Anthony Esposito, the company becomes a successful general food supplier. During these years the olive oil portion of the business is less than one percent of the company, little more than a remnant of an honored family tradition.


A third generation steps up to head the Company after Anthony Esposito retires. Veronica Bradley, granddaughter of Salvatore Esposito, is named CEO. Michal Bradley, her husband, becomes president. The new leaders stand at a crossroads: they can either sell off the tiny olive oil portion of the business or become involved in olive oil in a more committed and serious way. It is a fateful decision, dramatically changing the trajectory of the company.

The new focus of the company evolves. Veronica and Michael develop a new, more practical understanding of olive oil that places a greater emphasis on application and performance and less on appellation or domain. They travel, taste, learn, and build relationships.


Together with their partner stores VFC begins to change the way thousands of consumers in North America and beyond understand olive oil. The company becomes known for emphasizing discernible differences in flavor, function, and durability by rigorously tasting and comparing oils from different regions and countries, but without excessive emphasis on where the products are grown. Quality, health, and strong personal relationships remain the core values of the growing business.


A fourth generation moves into leadership roles at the company. Veronica and Michael’s daughter, Leah Bradley, is named CFO. She continues to grow the company’s strong ties with quality-obsessed farmer/suppliers.

Rachel Bradley, Leah's sister, leads the Product Development Team as Culinary Director and innovates new recipes and infusions for both the olive oil and vinegar.


The VFC obsession with olive oil continues. Over the last few years we have tasted the best oils we can find from Chile, Australia, Argentina, Peru, California, Albania, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. True to our roots as a general food company we are not just olive oil either. While VFC imports more than a million gallons of olive oil every year we bring in a similar quantity of authentic balsamic vinegar. We also carry a wide selection of exclusive pantry items including spices and sauces. We even sell beauty products—made from olive oil of course!

Today the original dream and vision of the Esposito family lives on. We invite you and your family to join us in experiencing the profound rewards of this endeavor.
We continue to produce the finest conventional Olive Oil, Organic Olive Oil, and Fused Whole Fruit Citrus Olive Oils in our mill near the Coastal Town of Monastir, Tunisia.

Part of being a family-run company means forming international alliances with smaller regional mills that lack the experience and capital to develop markets in the United States and Canada. We see ourselves as part of a growing family of independent, efficient producers whose high-quality olive oil is finding its ways into homes in the US, Canada, and internationally.

Veronica Foods imports the finest, freshest extra virgin olive oil every year. We invite you to join us in experiencing the rewards of this endeavor.