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Veronica Foods

Welcome to the Hub of Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our goal is to make the finest, broadest selection of olive oil and vinegar in the world accessible to the serious consumer at prices that are both reasonable and affordable.

We partner with small, sustainable farms in both hemispheres to grow and process olive fruit to our exacting Ultra-Premium Specifications. We are known for offering consumers the “Healthiest Olive Oils in the World”.  Additionally, we curate the finest vinegar and pantry items which we supply to specialty stores and other customers in North America and beyond.

Driving change from below, by educating consumers, will reform the olive oil market far faster than government regulation or oversight from above. As soon as enough consumers start recognizing and demanding great oils like those sourced and imported by Veronica Foods, the market will start treating true extra virgin olive oil as a premium gourmet product and an elixir of health, instead of an industrial fat as it’s currently considered by many oil dealers.  

People who know and sell fine oil, and encourage customers to try before they buy, are the front lines of a revolution in olive oil quality that is sweeping America.

Tom Mueller

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